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Money Saving later revealed HMRC staff are taking on a backlog of around 2,000 appeals.HMRC says those who've had their tax credits stopped will have their cases prioritised and processed as quickly as possible.We've heard that mandatory reconsiderations are typically dealt with within two to three weeks at the most - HMRC says most cases should be dealt with more quickly than that.

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A number of MPs including Louise Haigh, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Frank Field have championed the cause of those affected by Concentrix's decisions in the House of Commons, and have urged those affected to get in touch with their MP.

As above, if you disagree with HMRC's decision, you can appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal (in England, Scotland and Wales) or the Appeals Service Northern Ireland.

If you're not getting anywhere through the formal channels, you could try getting your local MP involved.

We were originally told by HMRC that if your tax credits were wrongly stopped you'll have them repaid in one go.

However it's since clarified that while that's true if your credits were stopped, it's not the case if only part of your claim was removed.

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