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Everyone has a complicated tale about how their background intersects with their queerness, one that’s often more nuanced and expansive than you get with characters on scripted television.Kai describes himself as a “queer transmasculine nonbinary human.” Nour is a 25-year-old Arab Muslim woman from New Jersey who married a man to please her family and divorced soon after; Jonathan is a queer man from rural Florida who admits to feeling uncomfortable with nonbinary people, only to have the beautiful, gender-fluid Basit help him get over it.Nearly 15 years later, the phrase “reality TV” is an oxymoron — you don’t have to turn on a television to see real life.We have been conditioned to document our lives and comport ourselves for audiences across various platforms. You get the uncanny sense that the contestants’ identities aren’t as mediated, because they are all used to performing, whether or not they’re being televised.By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.

It’s better than Justin Timberlake crying on “Punk’d.” It’s better than Kim Kardashian’s meltdown after she loses her diamond earring in Bora Bora, or maybe even the time a Real Housewife gets so angry she slams her prosthetic leg on a table.

“Multiple people are hurt by you,” Justin tells him.

“We all love you and support you, we believe that you can change.” It’s a stunning shift from the usual dynamics on a competition driven by money or fame.

The current season (it’s in its eighth) feels like a Tinder free-for-all, but unlike other seasons it also delivers on a longstanding promise of reality television: a fishbowl in which to see all the different ways people interact with and court one another.

The cast of 16 singles, all in their 20s, is a racially and geographically diverse array.

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