Ex boyfriend dating someone else

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If you dream your ex is killing you…“Death in a dream is about something ending or changing,” she says. So, if you’re ex is murdering you, ask yourself, how did the breakup change you unwillingly? She asks, “Are you accepting the fact that he’s now with someone else? If you dreamed about spending time with your ex’s family, like you did when you were together…“This is not unlike when you quit smoking and dream that you’re still smoking,” she says.

Sure, your ex may anger you constantly, but what in particular, right now, is angering you?She uses the example of a physically abusive ex to describe what’s going on: “This is particularly true for women — I hear this all the time.They’ll dream that the ex is still beating them — they’re still suffering the abuse. That’s a little bit of PTSD happening.” In addition to speaking with a therapist, she advises: “You need to look at this and be honest with yourself by asking, ‘Are you still beating yourself up for being in that relationship for that long?Your subconscious is wondering where [the routine] went.This sort of dream tapers off as time goes on, and you get used to no longer [having the relationship as] a constant.” 1.

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