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The Inner Circle is a dating platform where you have to be connected with an existing member as part of the screening process.

You’ll be invited to events and parties every month, where you can meet some of the service’s 270,000 members.

Growing up in the Midwest, there wasn’t exactly a smorgasbord of men.

This might not be the case anymore or even for everyone but as of five to six years ago, the pickins were slim. It’s mostly used as a hookup app and is, at times, truly as disgusting as you might have heard.

You don’t necessarily open Tinder to find your soul mate; mainly hookups or friends with benefits. I’ve noticed extensive thought being put into their bios and their picture selection.

People try and go beyond their physical attributes, which is a flaw to Grindr, in order to find something meaningful in this sex-crazed world.

From what I’ve learned from straight friends, Tinder for them and Tinder for gay people are two completely different worlds.

I have always thought that you go on Tinder to find something a little more meaningful whether it be a long term relationship or even just friends with benefits; something more than meaningless sex.

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