Executive dating romances friendship romances

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They went on to wed in 1963 and raise three daughters, for whom they set a wonderful example of love and commitment.

This beautiful couple was happily married for 48 years until my father’s death in 2012.—Leslie Conroy David Thompson (Little Rock, AR) and Maidee Tabeling Thompson (Jacksonville, FL) did not get a honeymoon vacation. Peterson, serving my mother, Ruth Peterson, breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning at their getaway cabin in the piney woods outside of Ailey, GA.

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He passed her a note in third grade that read, “I think you’re pretty.” She proposed marriage when he was called to WWII. She still loves him.—Matt Snowden My grandparents, Lavenia Mae Sisco of Bell, TX, and Dr. Granddaddy was a captain in the Army, and Grandmother a nursing student in Abilene when they were introduced on a blind date by her roommate at school.My grandmother is from New Orleans, LA, and fell in love with my grandfather, a Navy pilot at the time.They moved to Pensacola, FL, and are still living there today. —Mary Spotswood This is a picture of my paternal grandparents, Fred and Susanne Beard on their wedding day, September 5, 1942. Their sitters were friends and would walk my grandparents as babies. I love this picture knowing what a long and wonderful life they had together!The Johnsons were residents of Ray City, GA, for more than 40 years.They were well known in the community and operated businesses in Ray City and Nashville, TN.

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