Faculty dating policy

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Because of differences in power and authority, consensual sexual relations between faculty and students risk characterization as non-consensual or coercive, opening the door to allegations of sexual harassment or assault with the threat of liability for faculty and for the University.Effective February 2015, terminal year promotion or tenure reviews are no longer permitted or encouraged as a routine alternative to mandatory review year review.Sabbatical leaves with pay are available to standing faculty members and certain other categories of faculty.

Where terminal year review is approved, approval does not foretell or guarantee success.

Appointments and promotions are initiated in departments (or Schools, if the School has no departments).

Faculty members with a rank equal or equivalent to the rank of the proposed appointment or promotion are eligible to vote.

These benefits include unencumbered access to faculty expertise, mentorship, evaluation, and endorsement.

Not only can sexual relations with faculty diminish the educational experience of the individual students involved, they disturb the educational environment enjoyed by other students, by raising the possibility or perception of discrimination, bias, and harassment.

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