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The last submitted patch, 10: invalidate_cache_tags_at_end_of_root_transaction-2966607-10.patch, failed testing.

View results - codesniffer_fixes.patch Interdiff of automated coding standards fixes only.

The SSSD cache can easily be removed by simply deleting the files where cached records are stored, or it can be done more cleanly with the sss_cache tool which will invalidate specified records from the cache.

It’s recommend to only clear the cache if the identity provider servers performing the authentication within the domain are available, otherwise users will not be able to log in once the cache has been flushed.However, if there are more child nodes that need to be saved, or other slow hook implementations that need to be performed, prior to the end of the transaction, then these locks could last 10, 20, or more seconds.Now suppose you have concurrent users editing foo entities on this site.We talked this through together yesterday, and we pair-programmed remotely on a proof-of-concept patch.(I turned it into a functioning patch, @effulgentsia turned our discussion into a clear issue summary!

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