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Welcome to the Corsair Users Forum, where hardware enthusiasts help each other get the most out of their Corsair gear.Feel free to browse the forums, or search the forum for the answers to any questions you have. 00Dan, 01Stroker4x4, 1841DNG, 1874sharpsshooter, 1time, 67temp, 71Chevelle427, 94hokie, Aamdskeetshooter, abeaty, Adolph Oliver Bush, AKbythebay, alucard0822, Antarctica, arbud, Archeryrob, Assists21, atblis, Atlasarmory, atom33, Atrox88, Augie, avsjr, awdnick2986, Balzer94, Bart Exp, bartojb1, Batt816, Bboarder, bbrown, Benny, Bertfish, biermkr, bigcountry, Biggfoot44, bigjoegood1, Bigsawer, Bikebreath, bitterkenny, Blue Heeler, BMore, BMW, bohman, boss281, Boss94, Boxcab, Boxtop, Brikhaus, brownspotz, budman93, Burton RW, cap6888, capt14k, Captain45, Charlie K., Charybdis69, Chevyman85, chilipeppermaniac, Chris D, chrisflhtc, Ckreiter1, Clark W. Griswold, Clifjr, Combat AK, Combloc, cougar70, Crawfish Stu, Crazy San Man, Cryptotek1, Dal1as, Dan44, danb, Dan Guy48, danimalw, Dan_G, Darrell A, David A, dbledoc, DCSCO, DD989, delaware_export, Dingo3, Diving Driver, Doco Overboard, Dogmeat, Dutch V, Earnest T, echo6mike, edgewatertom, eightshot627, Ellegon, euchre98, eventhorizon, Expendables, F-Stop, fabsroman, FGT1958, flydoc, FMD, fogman, foodpoison, Frank Z, fred55, garciacorp, GHETTO BLASTER, Ghostrider1, Gizmo98, Glaron, govwontletmebuycoolguns, grimnar15, gtodave, gwchem, Hail Von, hlpdobro, Hog Commander, hooligan82, HRDWRK, Hunterjjd, ihriec, inkd, Irish64, Ironnewt, ironpony, IX-3, Jack Ryan, Jake4U, jaredm1, Jarhead FLSTI, Jaybeez, JB62, jc1240, jcbvh, Jed195, jeffie7, jj262, Joe Bob Outfitters.com, John from MD, Johnny E, johny357, Joncorleone, jrumann59, kalister1, ken792, Kenpo Joe, kenpo333, Kevlar, Keystone70, Kfoley, kgain673, Kidd07, Kinetic, KJackson, Kman, kmittleman, knovotny, ktiger J, lazarus, Lead Sled1, letmeoutpax, lilgibby, Lima Victor, Livingthedream, Mack C-85, Mac Moov, Major03, markgrutz, Marylandfisherman, Master_P, mdonzi, mdunphyjr, Meditator, Mightydog, Migraine Man, Mike, Mikey, Milsurp Dan, Mitral, MJD438, Mr H, Muleskinner, Name Taken, Nat Boh, Neot, niftyvt, Noroar1, NYRangers917, ohen cepel, OLM-Medic, Panther, Papi Barcelona, Park ranger, Patent Guy, Patriot, Patriot45, paxfish, pbharvey, Pinecone, pitbull_dad, PJDiesel, pointcover, possumman, Pow Pow, Privateer, protege V, querty, r3t1awr3yd, Raineman, randomuser, rbird7282, Redcat, remodeler1, Reptile, rgramjet, rickinboots, Rico, Rnlinebacker, rseymorejr, S. It's sad, and I'm sure there's a lot more to it, but some ways it's the same old story.The band starts out together as unit and slowly the business of the music business finally tears the group apart.

, Martykip, MAtt HEATLifer, Me TV, michael681, Michaellom, Michaelnox, Montucky, mootang, movieguy2001, mpierson, Mr.YAWN (69), Raymond101 (67), dirtracer1 (66), Montana (66), Tommy2000 (66), Contessad53, redfisharmy (65), Joe Tacquard (65), woodytaylor (64), paul Mc9600 (62), Diver76 (61), Mahi Mike (59), mcdachal (59), bunk40 (59), lawrencematthewwh (59), ratherbfishn, Trudles, agfan45 (58), THIRDCOAST FISHERMAN (58), Lees Hull (57), nicholsckhdd (57), Not Gonna Miss R (56), Fuzzyduck (56), Mik The Knife (55), eabrooke (55), CHARLES DELTA (55), Hoser (55), pnfd105 (55), qbpeters84 (54), Brahman (54), Carrigan (52), trout01 (52), mreyeszl (52), roserivera1967 (52), guidry (51), Gregory Cooper (51), poloman (51), J50 (51), freemanbonnie41 (51), cgoode (50), timrod (50), Tim Daigle (50), SHAYSTER (50), dug (50), Solosnook (50), 1969Bigpapi (50), danieltx2004 (49), cotton picker (49), munderwood (49), pier_rat (49), edmister (49), stevebishop70 (49), G-Unit (48), bassboat 1 (48), Dooney Chic (48), pmullin (48), Darrin S (48), wside, Arn Fel26 (47), morrisbws (47), rfox64 (47), Karin Whal (47), Mbaldera1109 (47), strippin line (46), Bite This 2 (45), falf Infuraf (45), Chalk Fox (45), jimenezmh74 (45), wxmills35 (45), andrewscd74 (45), ZLHKitty (45), jprah (44), bvacek34 (44), specman (44), g35pinoy (44), shinto (44), chenp75 (44), love2fish (42), Protrek 74 (42), CMartine (42), bdawg (40), Jame (40), SCch (40), Stormbird II (40), vailt1 (39), cherylhenderson80 (39), RD64 (39), pearsongeraldvmb (38), Ruthie Bui (38), FISHINCOWBOY07 (38), dano281, chadac (37), kas4403 (37), ccraver (37), 2ohi16p11j, shsu_14 (36), haroldmorales59 (36), neal_murph (36), Elouise25 (36), Gas Monkey Fishing, G-LOVE (35), phillipsdl85 (34), Capt'n Dan G.(33), qsmcdonaldct (33), brandoncarpenter86 (33), tree_bound (33), taytuk6 (33), asnow06 (32), kissykrish03 (32), gk777 (29), topdrive12 (28), sterling gerard, LA3311 (27), tanuki (27), shoalwader (27), Sabrinaax7, F150GUY, Charles Roland (17)We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests.My favorite tune by them was an instrumental "Play Widit" (which wasn't on either volume, BTW).I remember seeing Michael Cooper on "Video Soul", telling Donnie Simpson that he and Felton Pilate did a lot of the writing and that they were the two who endured a lot of hardship in their love lives.

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