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She also goes on to suggest that lust is bound up with idealization, especially during the nascent stages of a relationship.Fuelled by an instinctual concoction of sex hormones, lust blinds us and makes us neglect our lover’s flaws.

In addition, being open about your feelings isn’t difficult, nor is listening to your other half’s emotional requirements. Making each other happy is a top priority, and one that’s fulfilled without resentment.

For example, lust can also be in evidence when a person experiences a fervent desire to possess something.

It can also be disproportionate and often involves yearning for something (or someone) excessively - having an urge to control the situation is often prevalent, too. Given that there’s probably enough literature on demystifying love to fill up thousands of libraries, it’s for the best we avoid getting bogged down with trying to come up with a concise definition here!

In essence, it’s the cerebral manifestation of our primal urge to procreate with as many partners as possible to maximize our chances of offspring.

On the other hand, love serves to create a bond between two people for long enough to raise a child (if you want to learn more about Fisher and her work, check out our in-depth interview with her here).

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