Finding dating site users

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charges /month for the basic plan; Yahoo’s fee is /month.Both sites also offer premium plans that attempt to help you find a compatible mate.But many of these sites are also experimenting with new ways to introduce people who may be a good match. Consumating launched in the summer of 2005, was acquired by CNET in December 2005 and relaunched last month with a new interface and features.Its tagline is “Find People Who Don’t Suck,” and tagging plays a big part in the service.Daters can also directly email each other, however.

Users post activities in their area by tags and then chose the respondent they like the most and carry out the plan.

Engage will charge members but is offering a 6 month free trial currently. Google Base (Tech Crunch profiles here) allows users to enter personal profiles highly targeted towards dating (fields include gender, marital status, sexual orientation, etc.).

Other features include labels (tags), a short description, location mapping, and an anonymous email to be reached at.

Match Tag has the same core activity tagging feature of Match, but wraps it in a more complete social network.

Users post activities to the general population and chose partners from respondents, but also has more complete messaging and commenting features to fill out the user experience outside of activities.

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