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However, the URLs where men login may be different to the ones listed above.

We operate a dating site that doesn’t pay commissions and doesn’t charge for correspondence (all chats and mails are unlimited and free), we have no agents and people register themselves directly.(Each “skin” sits on its own URL, confusing already confused users of PPL sites further.) What is hard to develop is the database of pretty “Brides” and trained “Writers” who know how to keep a man’s attention.Better still, if a website has females who work as Brides writing their own chats and letters: Such women are able to leave the webcam switched “on”, which for many men specifies legitimacy (more about it later).But strangely enough, PPL sites still managed to prosper, suing and silencing anyone who dared to speak up. But with the culture of transparency slowly but surely winning, it’s hard to keep hiding the cat in the bag.New revelations confirm what whistleblowers kept voicing for a decade.

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