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Combat world RPG style, turn based combat system with your relationships affecting combat. My Patreon page is set up with the Charge Up Front (CUF) model.

Did you say the right things to Grizz, the burly bear tank? This means New patrons will be charged when they first sign up.

At the moment, I update the game at least once a month.

If I’m ever able to work on it full time, you can expect 2 updates a month.

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We have some gay furry porn as well, check out Bedplay where you can choose gender according to preference.

It can range from adding a channel to changing a rule, as long as it will benefit the server in some way, shape, or form.

I’m really into software development and sharing my, sometimes outlandish, ideas through the games I create.

The dream is to forge a game studio capable of helping others follow their own aspirations.

Whether it be art, animating, modeling, coding, story writing…

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