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The logistics of the killings speak to their premeditation. Yet the prejudice-laced historical narratives that he used to justify his crimes persist.

Scores of buses were needed to move the men and boys to execution sites. Milorad Dodik, the President of the autonomous Serb region created by Mladić’s expulsions of Muslims and Croats, said that, regardless of the verdict, the General “remains a legend of the Serb nation.” In Serbia, formerly discredited nationalist politicians are regaining prominence.

Because most of the feminist debate and strategy centered on rapes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the focus of this piece is the ICTY. Charlesworth & Chinkin, Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, July 17, 1998, Art. Charlesworth and Chinkin argue that the Statute suggests that rape and other forms of sexual violence constitute a grave breach under the Geneva Conventions. That the ICC has come into force today and is potentially a powerful instrument for protecting women’s rights is a testament to this indefatigable activism and determination.”). 15(3) (“[Victims may make representations to the Pre-Trial Chamber, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure and Evidence.”); Art.

Instead, they carried out summary executions in a half-dozen locations across eastern Bosnia. Today, he is in a Dutch jail cell, where he is likely to die.

Yet, because part of my argument is that understanding the context in which sexual assault and war occur is crucial to any strategy for attending to it, I do not presume that this analysis would apply equally to other areas such as Rwanda, Sierra Leone, or Darfur. Normal procedural protections, such as those in the ICTY and the ICTR, are also foreseen in the Rome Statute, Art.

to “denounce the ‘present-day woman’ for her weakness and dependence, her willingness to ‘accept man’s tribute in time of safety and his sacrifice in time of danger, as if she were still in her baby age’“) (quoting (discussing how Rule 96 has been amended three times, the first time “ostensibly due to a male generated outcry because consent appeared to be eliminated, not qualified, as a defence to wartime rape”). 57(3) (c) (“providing] for the protection and privacy of victims and witnesses”); Art.

While prosecutors were able to get some Serb officials to testify against Mladić, the thinking of the General when he ordered the killings remains unclear.“Why? “This was supposed to be a prevention of genocide, not a continuation.”In their verdict, the judges cited as part of Mladić’s motivation his repeated statements that Muslim fighters in Srebrenica had killed Serb civilians earlier in the war. Look there,” Look there,” Mladić adds, as the camera shows destroyed homes.

That’s still somewhat of mystery,” Bildt told me by e-mail. (Bosnian Muslims had killed several hundred Serb civilians around the enclave, a far smaller number than the seven thousand killed by Mladić’s forces in 1995.) During the war, Mladić also repeatedly invoked the abuse of Serbs by the Ottoman Empire, which occupied the former Yugoslavia for centuries.

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