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Simons Island beaches are constantly shifting as tides, wind and storms move tons of sand annually.Along with umbrellas and folding chairs, beach-goers can encounter fast-moving ghost crabs, sand dollars, giant horseshoe crabs, and moving conch shells powered by resident hermit crabs.Simons Island is both a seaside resort and residential community.

The racial makeup of the CDP was 94.8 percent White, 2.8 percent African American, 0.1 percent Native American, 1.0 percent Asian, 1.53 percent from other races, and 0.7 percent from two or more races.Under this standard, whether a true threat has been made is determined under an objective standard that focuses on the speaker.For cases that do not involve political speech, practitioners may avoid these issues by omitting the bracketed reference to political arguments.45, 966 P.2d 411 (1998)); and threats involved in intimidating a public servant (State v.The constitution requires the prosecution to prove a true threat for many offenses, including: felony harassment involving a threat to kill (see cases cited earlier in this section); threats to bomb or injure property (see State v.

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