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If sweatpants are all that fits you right now, try to cut down on the carbs on the non-date night days to balance things out.But if you’re not about the low-carb life, you can always drink a cup of fennel and mint tea each morning to help to keep the bloating at bay. About Blog Hey Saturday's award-winning dating blog puts the fun, love and good times back into online dating. Welcome to my blog, to cut a long story short you are about to find a bunch of ramblings about all things dating and relationships from a very honest and often light-hearted male perspective. About Blog So that's me - looking a tad Zoolander haha! I need to inform you that this guy has ONE WORD on his profile. it said something like “Wow, I just realized how terrible of a human being I am, and I shouldn’t be online dating.“Passionate.” Which, of course, could mean nearly anything. I’m going to cancel my account, best of luck to you!To clarify; I don’t mean ugly in a metaphorical sense, like Sure, it might be the pizza you inhaled post ‘cocktails and cock-tales’ with the girls on Friday, but it’s much easier to blame your fella.Seriously though, date nights can seriously fuck with your diet, and if your man is still spoiling your with three courses and a bottle of prosecco on the regular, chances are you’re feeling bloated AF.

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And then there’s the cardinal sin that every girl in a new relationship has committed; sleeping in your make-up. And put face mask on once a week, face masks cure everything.

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Besides being plain fun, and often a good read, reading other peoples experiences is a good way to learn from others mistakes and triumphs.

Its also really nice to know that you are not alone in what might seem like a seemingly endless search.

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