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Last week I wrote a brief review of a scrubber I use on my cast iron cookware.The response in email, Twitter, Facebook, and our Boing Boing BBS was interesting.Combing local thrift shops worked well for me and that Wagner pan was .50. It’s looking like we’ll soon have a whole new […] Just in time for your songs of the summer playlist, we’ve got a roundup of headphones, speakers, and earbuds. Owlee Scroll Wireless Bluetooth Speaker No matter how big […] Your home is your castle, but that doesn’t mean it has to be cold and stony.I have my eye on the beautiful hammered Griswold chicken fryers. The summer is almost over, and that means the Labor Day sales are nigh.

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Cast iron was affordable, cooked really well, and is virtually indestructible if treated with common sense care.There is plenty of debate about the safety of this practice but I decided it was fine.The melting point of cast iron is much higher than that of my oven.The top photo (and one below) show off how great the pan looks after 5 cycles.I kept going to 7 and then decided it was time to test the pan. Barnes told me I had to use a bacon test to verify my seasoning.

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