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The difference between Moscow city girls and Ukrainian girls is not an easy thing to detect.

It is a task which is similar to splitting a hair into two.

Never interrupt Girls Night Out: There you are…you see a group of ladies smiling, giggling, toasting, maybe dancing, and genuinely having a great time. Not a single one of the ladies has been looking at you or flirting with you from across the room. They are out for a GNO – a girls’ night out – a sacred ritual by most women’s standards because today’s woman is busy and it’s hard to coordinate a night out with all the girls together.

Guys, this is NOT the time to try to bust a move on a woman unless she has been sending you the MOST OBVIOUS signals and flirting with you first.

Many of the hottest and sexy girls are paid to make their presence there.

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Well, I have a little secret to share with you: women are equally frustrated by being hit on in the most inappropriate ways!

@Ladies: please feel free to comment and add to the list!

Here are the major No-No’s…basically what NOT to do…then follow-up tips of suave moves to try instead!

Today, let me guide you to help you to achieve the first part.

Any guy who is sane with a hunger for sex quite naturally dream about coming to Moscow city and get entangled with a pretty much hot and sexy Russian girl.

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