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Mobile Monkey is the fastest-growing chatbot tool on the market today and it’s a product I’ve been watching for some time, and finding a lot of inspiration when it comes to bringing the personality to your bots.At Bot Academy we train people not just to create Facebook chat bots and Messenger marketing experiences, but also to do them so well that businesses will pay you to build those experiences for them.Except when you use Facebook Messenger, you can do a lot more with email, and you can do it faster.

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I cover all sorts of Growth Marketing topics including Facebook Ads, SEO, PPC, chatbots, Linked In marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.If that's not enough, in April she completed the Boston Marathon in five hours and 14 minutes, and in October she'll do her first triathlon. She's 88 and a half years old, and she's just on top of it. " You just keep yourself together and take care of yourself, and you may have a shot at being someone like Betty White. I don't know what kinds of seeds I sowed a long time ago, but I'm hoping they were good because I don't want anything to change. TV networks court older viewers Prime-time television has been obsessed with appealing to younger viewers, but that may be changing...Bertinelli recently chatted by phone from Los Angeles with Newsday's Daniel Bubbeo about how her life is beginning all over again at 50. I thought I'd be living in the mountains somewhere, weighing about 100 pounds more than I do with about 40 cats. This is how I would have loved to imagine it, but I never could have. Do you feel a little pressure for "Hot in Cleveland" to succeed, since it's the first sitcom TV Land has ever done? My whole feeling is if we can get people aware of the show, and they tune in for the first one, they'll definitely come back for the second one because I just believe the pilot is that good, and the second one is that good. Let's look ahead another 25 years - when you're 75, where do you see yourself? New shows heat up the summer TV season Who cares right now about TV's just-announced fall season? Except instead of using email to send promotions and drip campaigns, it’s all done using Facebook Messenger and largely with Facebook Messenger chatbots.Everything that’s possible with email is also possible with Facebook Messenger marketing.

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