How to avoid dating an abusive creep

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If you have children, find ways to make time for yourself.

Some gyms offer free childcare while you work out, and different domestic violence centers provide childcare while you’re attending support groups. What would you recommend to others who are coping with moving on after abuse?

One thing that will help you is to focus on what you can do, rather than on what you can't.

You can't make her stop dating him: she's an autonomous person who gets to make her own choices about who she dates.

That is, however, something that is easier said than done, because abusive or otherwise toxic partners are really good at making the people they date shrink down their social lives until it revolves only around the abuser.

Consider finding a counselor to talk with one-on-one, or join a support group.If you call NDVH, one of our advocates can connect you to services in your area. Take Care of Yourself Taking care of yourself is such an important part of the healing process, and that begins with understanding that the abuse that happened . Rediscovering what hobbies you enjoy can be a learning process, but that’s half of the fun.Join clubs or try activities like a group fitness class to meet new people.Spend time with friends and family who care about you.Tell them what you need from them, whether that’s someone to talk to about what you went through, or someone to keep you from answering phone calls from your ex, stop you from texting back, etc.

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