Infopath validating event

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New Value retrieves the 'New' value that is being entered/inserted into the field before it has been set and e.Report Error sends any validation errors back to the form for the client (read the MSDN article for details on the parameters of Report Error).I just needed the Department field and checked that checkbox. There is on caveat that is worth noting: “If they are a new user, they will not show in this list until they’ve actually visited a site in that site collection.” I believe that by giving permissions to All Authenticated Users covered this for me as every department was present and I know for a fact that someone from every department has not visited the site collection, though that may not be true as I have no way of testing that theory.

The list ID will look something like this: D386DD15-6767-47E2-9743-28B7A24C905D It can be found in the url for list settings: List={D386DD15-6767-47E2-9743-28B7A24C905D} I needed to populate a drop down list with all the departments in my university (this is a field that is part of the user profile data.) Through my searching I stumbled through the User Profile and could not easily figure it out.You will need to replace the bolded id below with your own. In most browsers you can right click on the submit button and click inspect element to find it.It is will read something like this: ctl…” ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- ​​​​ ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- The bolded area above next to “alert” is the text that will display upon submit if there are special characters in the file name.I found the solution on Max Morrow’s site: I did a ton of searching for this and could only find 1 solution.With this solution, if you have special characters in your file name and hit submit a warning pops up and tells you that you have special characters in your file name.

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