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I could talk about it on stages in front of audiences and in front of entire classrooms of students.Because for me, being a survivor meant being unscathed, unchanged.I don’t carry around my trauma like a kid with a red wagon. Because sex with an intimate partner is how I was hurt.I trusted someone I loved, someone who was my partner, someone who knew me and my family, who was my friend – and they hurt me in one of the deepest ways you can hurt someone.

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Her work has been featured on Black Girl Dangerous, Nation of Change and the Feminist Wire. They are about power and control-about one person having the power and control over another.Sometimes the abuse takes place in the context of a romantic relationship and sometimes it takes place in a familial relationship.However, whether physical violence happens once a week, or once a year, it’s still violence and doesn’t belong in a healthy relationship.Domestic violence affects men, women, teen girls and boys, in both a heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

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