Interracial dating in brooklyn

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However, the reality of the situation was they were immigrants and not considered white.

In my Coney Island, there were no white children or adults to speak with.

There were no outlets to learn about or understand their cultures and ways of life.

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As a child, the mother seemed mean, but as an adult I can only surmise that the real reason behind her anger was most likely due to the influx of blacks and Latinos moving in.

I can remember a teacher pinching my cheeks and saying “what a cute little monkey”.

I was happy to be acknowledged and to be told I was cute.

It seemed as if all of Brooklyn was under a transformation—in ways that mirror today’s reverse gentrification in all of five boroughs.

Funny thing, to think back to that time, Brighton was inhabited by Russians, but to the young mind, they were white also.

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