Intimidating shout spell id

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I want to have it only show if it detected something and show the countdown. I've set it with the "smart" option and hidden icons.

If used with Hidden mode, they realign to the anchor.How to: Set number of columns for bar 1 (main bar) to 5/juked cols 1 5Set number of columns for bar 2 (prio bar) to 12/juked cols 2 12Put all cooldowns on one line for bar 1(main bar)/juked cols 1 0If you think something else should be added to the how to command examples, post in comments.The image should explain how the different modes work.I give 100% credits to Robrman i just added the new spells/abilitys/interrupts and fixed the 7.0.3 framework.Just putting it out here as soon as Robrman is back and he wants to take over i will be deleting my addon and he will continue his.

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