Invalidating cache

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Invalidating your CDN (Content Delivery Network) cached content lets you quickly update assets that are delivered by Dynamic Media, instead of waiting for the cache to expire. Invalidating a piece of content means telling the proxy server to no longer serve that content to clients.Seems to follow the calendar event reminder cron job. 2018-08-20 ,288 1959 INFO prd Starting job Calendar: Event Reminder.

Side note: I'm writing some C# code to attempt validating certs offline.

But at the same time, you want your clients to see fresh content as soon as there is an update.

Instead of finding some compromise, you can have both with cache invalidation.

2018-08-20 ,842 1958 INFO prd odoo.modules.registry: Invalidating all model caches after database signaling.

2018-08-20 ,857 1958 INFO prd odoo.modules.registry: At least one model cache has been invalidated, signaling through the database.

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