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The goofy English attempt at tough-guy talk and brilliant art direction and costumes make for a deconstructive look at the Western.Even Quentin Tarantino shows up as a feared gunslinger.A mysterious gunman (Hideaki Ito) shows up in a town overrun by two rival gangs searching for hidden gold.There's the Heiki (in red, led by a leader who reads Shakespeare’s to his posse), and then there’s the Gengi (in white with a boyband-like handsome leader in white robes and brandishing a sword.) There’s even a legendary female gunslinger (Kaori Momoi) disguised as a salty general store owner whose daughter in-law thirsts for revenge.This is when i wish that I can write good fanfics - I want them to live happily ever after! i saw him in yasha when im watching chinese cable channel(which i dont know what were they're talking about).. He announced, "This is a personal matter, but I would like to humbly announce that I will register my marriage on October 24.My partner is a former company employee, a non-celebrity woman who I've been dating for some time now." On his decision to get married, he stated, "I respect her both as a woman and as a human being. But yeah, like Rinrin said I am also a bit biased when it comes to supernatural and magic type of story. In fact that was the first thing that came to mind when i heard he was acting as a diver, hmmm body clading diving suit . I am still having "yasha" withdrawal so I can't watch Umizaru just yet.Umizaru will be available on February 2005 however you can pre-order it from now..*cough* because I've already did anyway...heheeh.for the sake of looking at him with Diving Suite... But after watching the trailer and looking at some of the pictures, the Navy uniform looked soooooo good on him. Actually, I like Rin but that's because he looks like fun to hang out with. The ending is slightly confusing but here's what it is: Rin and sei are no ordinary identical twins.

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He knew that's what Rin wants all along so that's just closure for both of them. yasha is the only drama that i can rewatch 100 times. Premier of Kono Mune Ippai no Ai wo [news clip streaming video] can also find a nice wallpaper of Ito at Kono Ai official website Actor Ito Hideaki will be getting married to a company employee 8 years his junior.

I made up my mind to live together with someone who has such compassion." His agency added, "Because his partner is a non-celebrity woman, we would like to withhold the details that led to their relationship as well as their dating period." She is not pregnant at the time, and the couple does not plan on holding a ceremony or reception.

Ito had been romantically linked to various actresses such as Kato Ai, Yonekura Ryoko and announcer Nakano Minako over the years and was said to have finally given marriage a thought after seeing his buddy Sakaguchi Kenji get married and becoming a father this year.

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My reviews on Japanese dramas, movies & music as well as anything to do with J-ent. Ito Hideaki and Kato Ai appeared at a screening event of their new movie "Brave Hearts Umizaru" held at Space FS Shiodome on 11 July.

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