Java gui not updating

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Hi, I have a 'business model' class which holds all my variables that are displayed on my GUI which is a seperate class.As these variables change quite frequently while running the program I need some advise on the best way to update my GUI as need be.Edge, however, does not, and users must manually load the page in another browser.System administrators and website owners can manage their users Compatibility View List in Edge to help with prompts to supported browsers.Website owners can e-mail Microsoft at [email protected] be included in their Compatibility View list.Hi I have to include Clock within my GUI so I tried to make one. If Java is installed, Configure Java will appear in the search results. Even when Java is disabled, other browsers provide a visual cue to users if Applet content is available on a page. Alternatively, it can be found by clicking on the Start button on the taskbar, then All Apps, where Java will be listed, if it is installed.

can anyone give me suggestions how can i dynamically change the screen shot ...I'm writing a Tic Tac Toe game, everything has worked till this point.The player can play against another play or the computer, I thought it would be cool to recreate the sceen from the 1983 War Games movie where the hacker teaches ...Hi All, I am developing a Swing application where I exactly wanna implement an update pop up. My best endeavours to google always seem to return results on how to update java itself, rather than an application written in Java. When I click middle button, I copy files from left tree to right tree.The application, on start-up, shows a pop-up message, say new updates available (it shows the same at regular intervals) . This copy logic is implemented in a separate class which I invoke ...

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