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Parent/Teacher Conferences at Alex and Mallory's school become interesting when both Steven and Elyse contend with a rude, insufferable teacher (Edward Edwards), whom Elyse punches for insulting her.

Alex is upset when he finds out about it, particularly since a college recommendation hangs in the balance.

Note: This is the first episode that Meredith Baxter does not appear in due to her pregnancy.

Alex is left to decide what is more important: family or college.

Despondent when Cynthia is about to leave with Keith, Richard takes his son.

Steven has to meet Richard at a bar to convince him that not only is taking Keith illegal, it's wrong to take "prisoners" in his "war" against Cynthia.

To make matters worse when Steven tries to apologize to the teacher on Elyse's behalf, his insults cause Steven to punch him out.

Alex, the coach of Jennifer's peewee softball team, pushes his own sister too hard.

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