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He first married his wife, Esther Haddad in 1988 and divorced later in 1992.Canseco then married his second wife, Jessica Canseco in 1996 and later divorced in 1999. or famously known as Jose Canseco is a Cuban former baseball player who played as an outfielder and hitter for several teams of Major League Baseball.The 6-time All-Star started his professional career with Oakland Athletics in 1985 and played for several other MLB clubs.

He criticized A-Rod without facts and said that the MLB star was cheating J-Lo with his former wife Jessica who he divorced in 1999. The Cuban Canseco made his professional debut with Oakland Athletics in the 1985 and immediately found success in the major league with an outstanding batting average of .302 in his rookie season.Playing as an outfielder and designated hitter, he formed an incredible with fellow Athletics teammate, Mark Mc Gwire to form a name given by fans as Bash Brothers due to their muscular physique and their home run making skills.The book helped expose wide-spread steroid use in baseball and led to reforms.LAS VEGAS — There’s no mystery to this “Where are they now? Years after his bitter exit from baseball in 2001, just 38 home runs shy of the then-elite 500 club, Jose Canseco hasn’t gone anywhere.

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