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Data from the SAM were downloaded using Step Watch software (V.3.1b) and stored within the software database.

Participants were eligible if they achieved prosthetic mobility, and those not provided with a prosthesis for mobility were excluded.

The Step Watch3 Activity Monitor (SAM) (Cyma Corp, Seattle, Washington, USA) is a commercially available step counter, which has previously been validated for use in people with lower limb amputations.15 The SAM is an accelerometer-based and microprocessor-based activity monitor measuring 6.5 cm×5.0 cm×1.5 cm.

It was attached to the participant's prosthesis in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

The ability to remotely monitor activity can provide rehabilitation clinicians with accurate objective data, otherwise unobtainable and difficult to replicate in a clinic setting.

Global positioning system (GPS) devices, a form of wearable technology, have recently gained popularity as a method to monitor the locations visited, and participation in the community for various patient groups including amputees,1 4 multiple sclerosis5 and following orthopaedic surgery.6–8 The use of GPS was found to be a feasible and reliable method of collecting community visit data with greater accuracy than self-reported travel diaries.3 GPS devices have primarily been used to identify community visits out of home,1 2 One of these studies obtained step count and location data for a single transfemoral amputee over a month, demonstrating the capacity to reliably obtain data over extended periods.1 A larger study demonstrated that data obtained from linked wearable technology may better differentiate functional abilities of transtibial amputees than current clinical assessments.2 For these studies which have linked data from wearable technology, a greater understanding of activity and participation was obtained with relatively little data loss associated with the use of GPS.

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