Law school and dating

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Paying attention in class and proper note-taking will ultimately save you time.Obviously, you don't want to get the reputation as a "gunner," always shooting up your hand to ask or answer a question, but don't be afraid to participate when you can contribute to the conversation.Your work right now includes attending class, going over your notes, preparing outlines, attending study groups, and simply doing your assigned reading.

Success in law school is largely determined by mindset.The problem becomes then is that I spend 90% of my time either at the law school or at the firm that I work at.Dating within the firm is simply too dangerous on the other hand...where else are you going to meet someone.Get up at the same time every morning and work at law school tasks for eight to 10 hours a day with normal breaks for eating, etc.Some professors recommended 12 hours a day, but you may find that to be a bit excessive.

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