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He extended his domain into regions southeast of Lithuania proper during the 1230s and 1240s.

In 1250 or 1251, during the course of internal power struggles, he was baptised as a Roman Catholic; this action enabled him to establish an alliance with the Livonian Order, a long-standing antagonist of the Lithuanians.

The application form for the complaint Each user or provider of postal service has the right to present to Communications Regulatory Authority complaints, in order to have his/her/its infringed or disputed right or the interest, safeguarded by the Postal Law protected extra-judicially in advance.

The complaint shall be considered to have been filed to the Communications Regulatory Authority also in that case where public administration institutions forward the complaint that they have received to the Communications Regulatory Authority to handle it within its competence.

Written documents: 2,177 fonds, approximately 3.5 million files occupying around 33,000 linear meters of shelving space.

1203 – autumn 1263) was the first known Grand Duke of Lithuania and the only Christian King of Lithuania.

Little is known of his origins, early life, or rise to power; he is mentioned in a 1219 treaty as an elder duke, and in 1236 as the leader of all the Lithuanians.

The contemporary and modern sources discussing his ascent mention strategic marriages along with banishment or murder of his rivals.

​Didieji mažmeninės prekybos tinklai nuo rudens peržiūrės kai kurių parduotuvių darbo laiką. Tai nėra kažkoks kodas ir tikrai ne Donguane karščio pakirsto žmogaus klejonė, o visišku kuriozu virtusios spaudos konferencijos viražų ištrauka.Communications Regulatory Authority, in observance of the Rules for investigation of disputes between the providers and users of postal service has the right to not only state the fact of violation, but also to make a decision, enforceable with regard to the provider of postal service, as well as to take more strict measures for the purpose of fighting against the violators of the rights of users of postal service.The Rules for investigation of disputes between the providers and users of postal service establish the requirements with regard to the form, content and submission of the request to resolve a dispute between the providers and users of postal service, as well as collection and submission of evidence, the rights and responsibilities of the parties to the dispute and other persons concerned, participating in the investigation of the dispute, the procedure of preparation for investigation of the dispute, the detailed procedure of reconciliation of the parties, the procedure of the investigation of the dispute in essence and making the decision.Civilian security and protection system (later – System) functioning improvement of Lithuania is a complicated process, which demands not only State institutions efforts‘ for civilian security improvement, but and society self-preservation knowledge and initiative in civilian security, reaching aim – effectively using and reliable civilian security system.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

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