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Attractive Financial policies of the state Florida is one of the nine states in US that do not impose personal income tax on its residents.This acts as a crucial factor in drawing many rich businessmen who are looking to settle in a state where they need not pay a chunk of their personal income to the government.

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While Miami is a buzzing center of media, entertainment, fashion and tourism, Jacksonville acts as a hub of military, finance, transportation and industrial activities.The town also has the highest number of golf holes per capita than any other place in the United States, yet another evidence of the good life that its wealthy residents are used to.This concentration of rich retirees in Florida is good news for women looking to meet potential partners who are as loaded as they come.All these factors make Florida one of the states with the best chances of throwing a woman in close proximity to millionaires.However an element of luck is always necessary to ensure that the guy with the greenback is available and not already married.

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