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I owe no apology, nor do I need to repress either side.

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When people call me "exotic" as if it's a compliment, it's not — it’s a blatant act of othering.I know, I'll give you a minute to absorb the shock of that truth bomb. Also, please stop talking about us like we are little dolls who are here exclusively for you to "ooh" and "ahh" over.For you to say that I am beautiful is a compliment—to say anything that generalizes literally millions of people is unavoidably underscored by a mindset that says we're "all the same," and even if it's sugar-coated with a "compliment," that's never going to be anything but offensive and dehumanizing.It instantly comes across as a thinly veiled way of saying, "You look different, but in an aesthetically acceptable way.” “Exotic” is a seemingly innocent word that unwittingly positions me as the cultural prop in the midst of what would normally be a lily white world.When people try to tell me that mixed race individuals are "the future of the U.

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    You can sort our user list based on webcam (who are on cam broadcasting it now).