N900 not updating repositories dating kiss 2016

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This program should save a lot of people (including myself) time in weaponizing their Nokia N900s.

I am writing this right after I was just about to pull my hair out due to the fact that I rely on my N900 as my primary phone (which is not necessarily the greatest idea if you tinker with it quite a bit).

Gladly, I was able to reflash the phone and get it functioning.

Conclusion: If you want to be able to do packet injection (and use awesome tools like reaver and aircrack) on your N900, you MUST (for now) use the kernel (kernel-power_2.6.28-maemo46-wl1) from bleeding-edge.

Part of what makes these devices so ‘smart’, is their ability to gather information on the user and use this information to better serve the user.

Per contra, the problem with this is that a lot of private information is being gathered which can include longitude and latitude coordinates.

To use it do as follows: a.) ssh -D 9050 [email protected] b.)debbie bash (This is to get into the chroot environment without having to start a GUI session.I have noticed that after updating to this kernel: Linux N900 produces an issue with the bleeding-edge wireless driver that allows the N900 to be able to do packet injection.If you try to enable the driver and use it, the wlan0 interface will disappear.4.) If you’re planning on using the N900 as a tablet and do not want to be tracked via triangulation, to mitigate this you can do as follows: a.) Pull up the terminal and make sure you are root.(sudo gainroot) b.) You also want to make sure you have enabled the extra repositories c.) Install this following application via: apt-get install cell-modem-ui -y d.) Now to enable the tablet mode and mitigate the possibility of being tracked via triangulation, click the power button on the top of the N900 and a new button should be there that says, ‘Tablet’ e.) Simply tap on this, and your N900 is now just acting as an internet tablet.

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