Nebraska laws on dating

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The license shall, prior to the issuing thereof, be entered of record in the office of the county clerk in a suitable book to be provided for that purpose.

Tag(s): When an application is made for a license to the county clerk, he or she shall, upon the granting of such license, state in the license the information contained in the application as provided in section 42-104.

According to Nebraska Penal Code 77-4301, those who buy, transport, or import marijuana into Nebraska are required to pay a stamp tax and place the stamp (proof of payment) onto the contraband.

Since possession is illegal in the state, people who are convicted of possession will also be liable for payment of the unpaid taxes, 0 for each ounce if the owner possesses 6 ounces or more. 75% of Nebraskans support the medical marijuana program, even though the same support does not extend to the recreational use.

Tag(s): In the solemnization of marriage no particular form shall be required, except that the parties shall solemnly declare in the presence of the magistrate or minister and the attending witnesses, that they take each other as husband and wife; and in any case there shall be at least two witnesses, besides the minister or magistrate present at the ceremony.

Tag(s): Whenever a marriage shall have been solemnized pursuant to the provisions of sections 42-101 to 42-117, the minister or magistrate who solemnized the same shall give to each of the parties, on request, a certificate under his hand, specifying the names, ages and places of residence of the parties married, the names and residences of at least two witnesses who were present at such marriage, and the time and place thereof.

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The clerk or keeper of the minutes, proceedings, or other book of the religious society in which such marriage shall be had, or if there be no such clerk or keeper of the minutes, then the moderator or person presiding in such society, shall make out and transmit to the county clerk of the county a certificate of the marriage, and the same shall be recorded in the same manner as is provided in sections 42-108 to 42-112.

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Each party shall present satisfactory documentary proof of and shall swear or affirm to the application giving: (1) Full name of each applicant and residence; and (2) the place, date, and year of birth of each.

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