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travelers and private-sector entities in southern Nigeria seeks financial gain. The mostly commonly reported crimes are armed robbery, kidnap for ransom, and fraud. visitors and residents have been victims of a wide range of violent crime, including armed robbery, assault, burglary, carjacking, rape, kidnapping, and extortion.Vehicle disablement, especially flat tires, due to poor road conditions is common.Pedestrian traffic is present on the roadside at all hours.When stuck in traffic, always lock doors and roll up windows.

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Park in an area protected by a security guard or with access control to mitigate risk of vehicle theft or theft of belongings from vehicles.

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Home invasions remain a serious threat, with armed robbers even targeting guarded compounds.

Department of State Travel Advisory at the date of this report’s publication assesses Nigeria at Level 3, indicating travelers should reconsider travel to the country due to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, and piracy. The American Citizens Services (ACS) Unit cannot recommend a particular individual or location and assumes no responsibility for the quality of service provided. Victims should cooperate if an armed assailant or carjacker approaches; resistance may invite violence.

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