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If you've read the other series books, you knew that Pepper was keeping secrets, and we've been almost as anxious as her sisters to figure out what they were.

If you haven't read the others yet, no worries--this one should work fine as a standalone too Just sayin' Add in the fact that Pepper's story is an enemies-to-lovers one, and boy, was I anxious to g At long last--Pepper's story: Just sayin' Add in the fact that Pepper's story is an enemies-to-lovers one, and boy, was I anxious to get to this book. Sometimes we end up unhappy or dissatisfied with the things we thought we wanted and end up happy with the things we never would have imagined. The older we get the more that desire needs to be fulfilled.

This is the third story about the sisters of Wishing Bridge Farm.

Set mainline the town of Sunshine, this story is filled with tension, secrets and humour - I loved Stan, the taxi driver and many of the other characters!

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