Onrowupdating newvalues

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I am using a Grid View to display a dataset with no binding to an SQLdatasource. There is a code snip posted on the net that is supposed to take care of that. ) Hello Everybody, In my master page, I used the following code to access the path to 'images' folder of my application, so that images can be shown from any page in any folder.

So Grid View will put the appropriate row into the Edit Mode by assigning row number to its Edit Index property.If we use proper command names for the buttons like “EDIT”, “DELETE”, “UPDATE”, “CANCEL” these will also trigger the appropriate Grid View Events.Ok let’s move on to Code behind what we have to do when user clicks Edit, Delete, Update and Cancel When we click on Edit the On Row Editing event will be fired.Now this only happens when i change a record, if i leave everything the same and click submit, it works fine. I'm only a begginer in ASP and I'm really stuck on this. Here's my gridview:" Delete Command="DELETE FROM [LAG_Re Auth] WHERE [ID] = @ID" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [LAG_Re Auth] ([Domain], [Domain_ID], [Machine_Name], [Group Name], [User Name], [Required], [Not_Required], [Owner], [Owner_ID], [Review_Date], [Import_Date], [Reviewd_By], [Reviewed], [Notes]) VALUES (@Domain, @Domain_ID, @Machine_Name, @Group Name, @User Name, @Required, @Not_Required, @Owner, @Owner_ID, @Review_Date, @Import_Date, @Reviewd_By, @Reviewed, @Notes)" Select Command="SELECT * FROM [LAG_Re Auth]where domain = @domain and owner = @owner and User Name like '%' @User Name '%' " Update Command="UPDATE [LAG_Re Auth] SET [Domain] = @Domain, [Domain_ID] = @Domain_ID, [Machine_Name] = @Machine_Name, [Group Name] = @Group Name, [User Name] = @User Name, [Required] = @Required, [Not_Required] = @Not_Required, [Owner] = @Owner, [Owner_ID] = @Owner_ID, [Review_Date] = @Review_Date, [Import_Date] = @Import_Date, [Reviewd_By] = @Reviewd_By, [Reviewed] = @Reviewed, [Notes] = @Notes WHERE [ID] = @ID"Re: Bulk Edit Gridview Row Updating Event error!?! 13 minutes ago Thanks for the reply :)I added that line to my file, but its still not working and its still throwing back the same response :(Here's my c#Can you see where I'm going wrong? the Bulk Edit Grid View1_Row Updating should be added to code-behind of your custom user control cc1: Bulk Edit Grid View is your custom user control?

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