Opensuse updating to 12 1

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And I noted that python-gimagereader picked up the dependencies libbonobo, libbonoboui, libgnome, libgnomecanvas-2.0, libgnomeui, libgtkspell0, python-bonobo, python-egg, python-enchant, python-gnome-extras, python-gnomecanvas, python-gtkspell, python-imaging-sane, python-orbit, python-popular.I had seen reference to other GNU/Linux distributions install leptonica, but as far as I can determine, neither lpetonica-tools nor liblept2 (both packaged for open SUSE) are needed.I then removed the additional repository that I needed for much of the above.

I like the capability to be able to conduct OCR of French, German and English languages, especially since I am an expatriate living abroad.Since the acquisition by Novell in 2003 and with the advent of open SUSE, this has been reversed: starting with version 9.2, an unsupported one-DVD ISO image of SUSE Professional was made available for download.The FTP server continues to operate and has the advantage of "streamlined" installs, permitting the user to download only the packages the user feels they need.The current stable fixed release is open SUSE Leap 15.1.The community project offers a rolling release version called open SUSE Tumbleweed, which is continuously updated with tested, stable packages.

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