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I've looked all over Philadelphia for a great neighborhood for my family and was glad to settle into Whitman.

I have good relationships with the teachers at my kids' school.

Mayfair is filled with people with different backgrounds and its great, it helps everyone improve there social skill with different people. Diverse area, with a real chance to build up the area.

Lancaster has been rated one of the number one places in recent years and was even named "The New Brooklyn" by Forbes Magazine in 2017.

Its not as bad as it seem, but it still is harm to the neighborhood and the people living in it. My name is Ana, I have been living in Lawndale for about 2 years and, I can say that it is a quiet neighborhood, there are plenty stores, schools, a library, gym, as well as efficient public transportation. Philadelphia is very historic since the creation of the country was mostly created in the city of brotherly love!

Another thing I would change is how small the blocks are. Philly is known for the special landmarks that hold history such as independence hall, the liberty bell, and even the art museum which famous boxer, Rocky, climbed.

Norristown is family oriented and neighborhood friendly, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Many schools in the area lack the materials and resources required for a student to excel.

The community is phenomenal and makes you feel very safe and connected.

This town is also label "The Refugee Capital of America" with having 1,300 people per capita.

I have lived there for about 10 years, and there was always a community family event happening.

Everyone there are very welcoming and generally happy. very diverse( 50% black, 30% white, 14% percent Asians, and 5% all. ), east commute to the city, east access to the surrounding and store, overall rating is B- source (Delaware County safety niche), big houses, bigger streets, nice people.

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