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If you have questions about this new policy, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity at [email protected] 49-47253.- Alvin Lee Employee Relations is an electronic newsletter for Purdue University supervisors.Additional defined terms may be found in the central Policy Glossary. July 22, 2011: Related Documents and Contacts sections updated.Amorous Relationships Romantic or sexual relationships between two individuals of the opposite or same sex who are not married to each other and who mutually and consensually understand the relationship to be romantic and/or sexual in nature. B.3) Procedures for Resolving Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment 1, 2018: Clarified application of policy to previous Amorous Relationships, including responsibilities for reporting and addressing. June 1, 2015: Policy reformatted into current template. January 1, 2009: This Policy supersedes the provision on amorous relationships previously contained in Executive Memorandum No.It is produced and distributed by Purdue University Human Resources four times annually.If you have questions, comments or suggestions relating to the newsletter, please call 49-41679 or email us. There were many months of discussions with the Faculty Senate, APSAC and CSSAC to get feedback and agreement.

Others may perceive that the student or subordinate in the Amorous Relationship is favored and afforded undue access and advantage above others in the same course, department or unit.But while the Boilermakers have lost a big chapter in their success story, it's a day to celebrate.Purdue Road School is a great Indiana tradition that brings together federal, state and local agencies, elected officials, and professionals from industry, consulting and academia to collaborate and reflect on diverse transportation topics.This policy actually simplifies dating relationships, at least between supervisors and their employees.These types of relationships can have an impact on others on the team or in the department and can create the perception of unfairness.

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