Qiao en and ming dao dating dating the enemy soundtrack

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Their appearance attracted pedestrians; the girl was suspected to be Cecilia. On a Taiwanese variety show to promote the album, Ming Dao admitted that he had broken up with his most recent girlfriend half a year ago.

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It was said that Cecilia’s mother pressured her to break up with him, and the couple finally broke up in 2010, shortly before the filming of Bu Bu Jing Xin In early 2013, Cecilia admitted to dating someone “in the last two years”, but did not clarify whether her recent relationship was the one with Ah Wing.Ming Dao follows up with stories about them eating out after work and how he never thought twice to call her in the middle of the night to talk. Even when she was sleep, he knew she would pick up to chat with him. Joe jokes, “People think it’s romantic but he’s a hassle, talking about nonsense.” She further reveals that when they were filming in Taiwan, he would pick her up and drop her off everyday. At first she thought he was courting her, but alas, that was not the case.

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