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Washee-Washee watches Star Trek and thinks Sulu is the star.

Peter hangs himself after being in jail for 15 minutes, a parody of Brooks' suicide in The Shawshank Redemption.

Jealous, Brian and Quagmire begin fighting and pointing out each other's flaws in front of Cheryl and Jillian causing them to leave and break up with their dates.

Brian suggests that his feud with Quagmire has finally come to an end and that it took them stealing each other's girls to finally become friends again, to which Quagmire reluctantly agrees. Peter takes an autographed photo of Ang Lee off the laundromat wall, but Mr.

In one episode of Family Guy in which Brian takes a dating class that is run by Quagmire, we find out that all of Quagmire's promiscuous behavior is the result of getting his heart broken by in the s by a famous model and fashion designer who was his "one that got away. The giant chicken in Family Guy only ever shows up for a long, extended fight sequence with Peter.However, when Brian asks for a ride home, Quagmire drives off without him and backs his car onto him before driving off again. Washee-Washee says he doesn't care because Lee does too many "white people movies.Bubo the mechanical owl from Clash of the Titans comes to dinner and makes beeping sounds, and Peter explains that Harry Hamlin is needed to interpret; Lois says she will not allow Harry Hamlin in their house.Quagmire compares women to Saturday Night Live sketches, and says only once in a lifetime will you meet a woman as perfect as Dana Carvey 's character "Massive Head Wound Harry. Club called the episode "damn funny" saying that "[the] first half is a magical reminder of what made Family Guy work and a nice vacation from the experimental morality and anti-humor that's made up so much of the show over the past few months. Archived from the original on Retrieved 22 April Retrieved from " https: What is Meg short for?In one early episode of Family Guy, Stewie Griffin meets another toddler in the area that the Griffins live in who has a very thick Cockney accent.

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