Quickie speed dating

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The first condition requires either you or your “lover” to have an office with a door that can be locked.

This a terrible place to get caught, as it could ruin your career and overall well being as a result. A Taxi: Sometimes you leave the bar or club with your one night stand and just cannot wait the five or so minutes it will take to get home.

And we all know girls are very visual creatures, so the shape of that gearshift combined with the sleek grooves of the seats might just put them over the edge.

The darkness will amplify most of your senses, so all those nerve endings will be twice as sensitive in a situation like this.An Alley: Another spot that is extremely cliché and amplified by books and movies is the smoky, dark, mysterious alley.I don’t even know if this one needs an explanation.Almost everywhere you could possibly go has a bathroom.You have a sink or a vanity for leverage and a mirror to watch yourself in. Just be careful not to turn on the sink by mistake, the whole point of this act is not to have to get your pants soaked.

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