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He did better than many expected in his run last summer.

Jumaane has been able to keep his name on the lips of voters since last June, which enabled him to be ahead of the other candidates when it was time to announce.

Chris Coffey: Jumaane Williams has by far the highest name ID, having won the most votes in the city for lieutenant governor just five months ago.

He has also been endorsed by the WFP, which matters in a mostly progressive race with low turnout.

Whoever wins will likely win with a small margin, so every vote counts.

Lupe Todd-Medina: The biggest factor is going to be voter turnout – and who turns out.

They took out six members of the IDC, beat or almost beat incumbent congressional members, and took out numerous incumbent legislators.

Whoever wins this vote, plus turns out their base, wins the special election. Voters under 50 will be a larger share of the turnout than ever before and the only ones paying attention.

Also, whoever gets The New York Times endorsement will get a bump in the final days, particularly in Manhattan and outer-borough neighborhoods like Park Slope, Brooklyn.

What is unclear is what effect Amazon’s withdrawal and the pro-Ulrich independent expenditure will have on the race, if any.

So far it has been a race to the left, but does Amazon change that in any way?

But if I had to guess, I would have to say Jumaane Williams.

He has enormous name recognition from the campaign for lieutenant governor last year, when he won in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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