Red flags in dating relationships

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But it does mean there’s been drift on some level and a reunion is in order.

It may not mean your relationship is in trouble per se.

I’m learning about the power of touch in my own personal life. But the subtle touch, with intention and eye contact.

But it’s not just the physical touch but rather the intention and energy behind it. If you guys aren’t doing that, then there are two signs here.

Until they have committed, went “all in”, exchanged vows, decided to build something. You don’t have to take a blacklight to your relationship every single day but it’s important to be aware of sublte signs. You can do something about them before they create cracks in your relationship. This article is about subtle things we tend to ignore and sweep under the carpet.

The signs they notice they choose to swallow as the norm. So they minimize, ignore, or just accept the relationship as it is, and with that decision comes drift, feeling trapped, and internalization — believing it’s their fault or that they are defective and lacking in some way. Things we don’t examine or maybe don’t want to until there’s been too much damage or drift to repair.

Maybe work has been batshit crazy and consuming every thought.

Until one day, you just won’t see each other anymore.

As you know, relationships require tons of work so everything isn’t going to flow like a beautiful stream every day. But not if everyday and every thing feels like you’re pulling a train up hill.

Yes there are external factors that can put weight on a relationship.

We’re always changing, evolving, growing, shedding, and becoming. A hug, a hand on a leg at dinner or while driving, or holding his face while you kiss him. If touch goes, you’ve lost a string on your relationship guitar.

I’m talking about showing affection and love through touch. I understand in the beginning you couldn’t take your hands off each other.

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