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Plus, Rock Band 2 owners will have access to the growing Rock Band DLC catalog of more than 200 tracks.Below are just some of the amazing tracks and artists you will get on disc with Rock Band 2.Harmonix has removed the Solo and Multiplayer menus.Now the initial menu features Quickplay, Tour, Options, Extras and Music Store on the start up screen.All Rock Band 2 instruments are fully compatible with the original Rock Band.Conversely, all Rock Band peripherals will be fully compatible with Rock Band 2.

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In addition, the original Rock Band songs can be imported onto the Xbox 360 hard drive and added to the Rock Band 2 library after paying a small licensing fee of five dollars.

Both the Rock Band and Guitar Hero brands have helped revitalize the rock industry, by introducing a whole new generation to some of rock’s most classic music.

Nothing encapsulates the power of these games like seeing your three year old daughter singing Mississippi Queen!

The Quickplay submenu provides game play options of Solo Quickplay, Band Quickplay, Tug of War and Score Duel.

While the Tour submenu gives the option of performing on a Local or Xbox Live Tour.

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