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The power losses in the loops due to skin and eddy-current effects are dependent on their environment, but typically small.An omnidirectional receiver is used to be angular independent.Nevertheless, in the early s the components at such high frequencies were not so developed as nowadays, so they used to be very expensive and ineffective components.Therefore, another intermediate frequency was searched, to reduce the size of the antennas, without sacrificing the efficiency of the components.The first proposal wirelessly transferring solar energy captured in space using "Powerbeaming" technology was done by Peter Glaser in Until the unique used frequency was 2.

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It also has advantages over other 6 27 mechanisms of wireless communication.When an alternate voltage between the conductive layers is impressed through the aperture, there exists a propagation mode of the electromagnetic wave signal within the dielectric layer.This electromagnetic wave is used for signal transmission between each communication node attached to the aperture.Two conductive layers are set to sandwich the dielectric layer.The sheet has the connection apertures on the surface of it for receiving signals.

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