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The format of the value acquired from the data source is dependent on the data source type chosen.

Normally it will be numeric, but the data acquisition modules may impose their very own parsing of this parameter as long as the colon (:) remains the data source value separator.

It can be useful when re-playing old data into an rrd file and you are not sure how many updates have already been applied.

If given, RRDtool will try to connect to the caching daemon rrdcached at address.

The v stands for verbose, which describes the output returned.

Note that depending on the arguments of the current and previous call to update, the list may have no entries or a large number of entries.

The order of this list is the same as the order the data sources were defined in the RRA.

If there is no data for a certain data-source, the letter U (e.g., N:0.1: U:1) can be specified.

if the third data source DST is COMPUTE, the third input value will be mapped to the fourth data source in the RRD and so on).

This is not very error resistant, as you might be sending the wrong data into an RRD.

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