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Aside from assuaging our nerves, psychology researchers have discovered that self-deprecating humor has an unintended side effect: It happens to improve our health.Self-deprecation confers some positive advantages, notes a recent as people who regularly poke fun at themselves exhibit greater levels of emotional well-being.

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So if you’re looking for more reasons to break those awkward silences with a harmless self-jab, consider these five benefits of taking yourself less seriously.1. Having an optimistic outlook is what allows us to better express our joy and gratitude to others.

It's common for someone in the tech community to preface themselves or their accomplishments with self-deprecating remarks. Honestly, I think it's almost encouraged because many articles downright romanticize Imposter Syndrome and the Dunning–Kruger Effect.

For example, Stephanie Hurlburt was trying to give visibility to women who were junior coders by retweeting their technical blog posts. Half the women sending me blog posts do it with a self deprecating comment. If you are a woman who is a junior coder, or an aspiring junior coder, reply to this tweet with a technical blog post you wrote. I will not RT blog posts on soft skills or culture. Self-deprecation is very damaging especially if you are part of an underrepresented and marginalized community. So if you self-depreciate yourself it further weakens your voice. 🚫"My project is..."- very small/basic/simple- not that good- a thing I wrote- just by a newbie- something I didn't spend a lot of time/effort on- silly- not that useful Just state the topic and let others be the judge. Tell everyone here on about any of your accomplishments, we will love to hear it and to cheer you on.

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